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Rotary Dental Suites at First Baptist Church

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In cooperation with three local Rotary Clubs and the First Baptist Church of Marble Falls, the Highland Lakes Health Partnership has built an accessible, permanent, low-cost dental clinic for the Highland Lakes Area.

Dr. Steve Hernandez

Affordable, accessible dental care was not available to many residents of the Highland Lakes area. When the needy have dental issues, they access care through the emergency rooms or let the problems exacerbate, causing absences from work and school. The Texas Mission of Mercy helped more than 800 people receive dental care in 2 days. On the Monday after the event, other citizens needed help. What the event proved was that there is a desparate need for dental care that is not being met. The Rotary Dental Suites at First Baptist Church was created to help meet that need.
Local dental professionals volunteer their time to staff the clinic one morning per week.

"I need dental care - HOW DO I MAKE AN APPOINTMENT?"
Several social service agencies are trained to prescreen patients to determine eligibility and will schedule the appointments. Persons wishing to be screened may visit the COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTER located at 1016 Broadway in Marble Falls - or call 830-693-0700.

Will you be a tooth fairy?
If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the dental clinic, please make checks payable to:

Highland Lakes Health Partnership
c/o Kathy Fletcher
1004 Marble Heights Drive
Marble Falls, TX 78654